A Letter From Pastor Mark…

Mountain View is Growing and Hiring—Praise the Lord!!!

Psalm 150

The Hallelujah Chorus

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
Praise God in His holy sanctuary!
Praise Him in His stronghold in the sky!
Praise Him for His miracles of might!
Praise Him for His magnificent greatness!
Praise Him with the trumpets blasting!
Praise Him with piano and guitar!
Praise Him with drums and dancing!
Praise Him with the loud, resounding clash of cymbals!
Praise Him with every instrument you can find!
Let everyone everywhere join in 
The crescendo of ecstatic praise to Yahweh!
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

–Passion Translation

We’ve said this for years around MVCC—“As the church grows, so must its structure.”  I would add to that today “….so must its prayer life.” 

We’ve experienced 32% in growth at MVCC over the last 4 years and our financial giving has increased 56% in that same four year period. 

Our ministries have grown in size and complexity as happens in growing churches.  Even when you try to keep a simple model for church, the leadership, skill, and time needed to minister, to recruit, train, and empower ministers across the church and into the world grows. 

Back in 2011, a bright young man caught my eye as a potential new youth pastor for MVCC.  Over a year of watching him interact with our youth, I asked him if he’d consider pairing two positions (Worship and Youth) together into one full-time position.  And that’s exactly what Nate Viar did and has been doing for the last almost five years.  In 2011, we were a much smaller church and the needs of both the youth and worship could be led by one person.  But that day is behind us.  

In 2016, I began working with the elders to prepare MVCC to split this position into two full-time positions.  Each position would have full-time responsibilities in their primary area and secondary responsibilities in other areas of the church.   Later this year, Nate will become the full-time pastor of students here at MVCC with other focuses in the areas of communication and online campus pastoring of our growing Livestream community. 

As of today, MVCC is beginning the process of receiving applications and resumes for a new, full-time worship pastor with other responsibilities in the audio/visual ministries and tech arts.

This is a full-time pastoral position and candidates will be vetted by key staff and Elders of MVCC according to the Scriptures, our governing documents and spiritual discernment.   

We are asking for our Mountain View family to come together in prayer over this very important hire at MVCC.  Nate has done a fantastic job in this position and we want to build upon his successes as God leads this church in what we hope is explosive growth, both physical and spiritual, in 2017 and beyond.

If you know someone who you believe is interested and qualified to serve in this position based on the information listed in the job description, ask them to visit the “We’re Hiring” section of our website at http://www.mountainviewcc.net/we-are-hiring/ and submit the two necessary documents to be considered for this position, no later than April 30th

No resumes will be considered if they are postmarked or submitted after April 30th


Mark Jenkins, Lead Pastor