Become Who You Are In Christ

6/12/16 – Pastor Mark Jenkins, Speaking

Much of the New Testament is made up of letters Paul wrote to churches or to groups of Christians in various parts of the ancient world. Ephesians is one of those letters, and it contains some of the greatest writing ever on the purpose of the church, on God’s overwhelming and unending grace, on why unity matters so much to God, and what living a life worthy of our calling as Christ-followers looks like. The church plays a pivotal role in God’s bigger picture. The unity and love of the church is what God wants to display to the cosmic powers of darkness and disunity. What a call we have been given! What a role we get to play in God’s amazing work of reconciliation and restoration.

Today’s message:  So what has God done for you lately? What has God done for you in Jesus Christ? Why should I love the person sitting beside me in worship? Why is protecting the unity of the Body of Christ so important? If MVCC was painting a portrait of the power of God to the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms just what would that image look like? Mountain View, these questions and others are on the list as we prepare to delve into the words of Truth given to the Apostle Paul by God for the people of Ephesus and for you and me.

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