Big God Little God

Series Blurb: We don’t need a preacher or anyone else to tell us what to do when we’re feeling great, all our relationships are harmonious, and we’re not faced with an immediate threat. But when you are thrown into confusion, you begin to suffer, sin and temptations creep in and destroy your peace and fear begins to increase. In that moment who do you run to for help? How far down that list you just created is God. Do you believe God is big enough to handle what you dealing with? Do we believe He is big enough to handle what our country may face in the years ahead? If we are going to live with Big Faith, Serve with Big Faith and Endure with Big Faith than our God is going to have to be BIG ENOUGH!

Week Blurb: Pastor Mark Jenkins, speaking

God knows about your worries. He knows about your kids. He knows about the divorce. He knows about the crumbling marriage. He knows about the affair. He knows about the abortion. He knows about the job failure. He knows. He knows. But what we don’t often know is that God does not want us to live stagnant and unproductive while relying on a tiny God. He wants you to learn that He is BIG ENOUGH!



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