Big Purpose

Series Blurb: Just how big is Christmas? Yes, we see the BIG offers, the BIG sales, the BIG parties, the BIG decorations, and the BIG smiles on Christmas morning…but to truly enjoy Christmas all year long we have to answer completely the question, “Just how BIG IS Christmas?” Because Christ came, we have a purpose that’s motivational, a promise that’s irrevocable, a payoff that’s unbeatable, and a joy that’s transmittable. Christ makes Christmas BIG. Throughout this series, we’ll help prepare believers and seekers on how to celebrate a BIG Christmas.

Today’s Blurb: “How Deep is Deep Enough?” The Apostle John wrote about himself, “the disciple that Jesus loved.” John had come to realize how much Jesus really did love him, and he embraced that love with every fiber of his being. In the first letter of John, speaking about Jesus, he writes, “which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched – this we proclaim…” Christmas reflects to the world, “…unto us a Savior is born…” But can we, two thousand years later, have the relationship with our Savior that John had? Can we say we have seen Him, heard Him, and touched Him? How deep does Jesus want our relationship with Him to be? Or maybe we need to ask ourselves, “how deep is deep enough?”



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