More Than Nets – Ghana


Virginia Baptists have entered into a 2 year agreement with the Ghana Baptist Convention to reduce malaria in Yendi, Ghana and to plant churches in the surrounding area. We hope to significantly reduce the cases of malaria through:MTN-logo

  • Distributing 100,000 chemically treated mosquito nets within the Yendi municipality.  The population of Yendi is approximately 180,602.
  • Providing vital education into the proper use of the mosquito net
  • Providing additional education on health, awareness and prevention of malaria

There are approximately 454 communities in Yendi. 145 of those already have a church. Our goal is to assist the Ghana Baptist Convention, under the leadership of church planter Emmanuel “Moose” Mustapha, in planting 309 churches in the remaining villages.

We encourage individuals and churches to purchase “units” for this project. A unit costs $10 and consists of:

$6 = 1 mosquito net
$2 = Education
$1 = Transportation
$1 = Church Planting

For more information about the More Than Nets project, check out their website HERE.