Local Missions & Outreaches

Manna Ministry

“It is so rewarding watching our guests get fed both physically AND spiritually while interacting with each other.  Some of them will stay for the entire 1 1/2  hour serving time to socialize and sometimes even offer to help clean up.  Manna Ministry is a wonderful local outreach program that I feel honored to be involved in.”  -a Manna Minstry Missionary


Currently the Mountain View Community Church family gathers and serves on Mondays throughout the year and the Presbyterian Church serves on Wednesdays and Fridays.  If you would like to join this ministry, please contact Pat Sanders at manna@mountainviewcc.net.

Check out their video HERE!


Women’s Jail Ministry


The Women’s Jail Ministry needs volunteers to help in ministering to the special ladies in our Culpeper Jail. Many are struggling to find their way in this world and need guidance from others. Please consider spending some time mentoring and helping to change a life for Christ.

For more info, contact Jeanne Nixon at WomensJailMinistry@mountainviewcc.net.