Developing A Contagious Faith

Become Contagious! You may say, “So why be involved in a biblical teaching/small group series on learning how to share one’s faith? Doesn’t this invitation to get involved with others in spiritual matters COMPLICATE our already complicated lives?” We would answer YES…and so does marriage, having children, buying a home, and for that matter…becoming a Christian. All of these areas require time, risk, and often a fair share of money. Most of the things that are important to us complicate our lives…BUT THEY ARE SO WORTH IT. Join us as we show you how you can add a level of adventure to your Christian life that you can’t find anywhere else…guaranteed.

Week One: Pastor Mark Jenkins, speaking

So you’re not quite convinced that this Contagious teaching and training series is right for you. Today Pastor Mark will take his best shot at motivating us to say yes to this faith building endeavor whether we come with anticipation or apprehension.

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