Jim Ammons, Elder

Jim AmmonsIn his forty-nine years of marriage and before settling in Culpeper, Jim and Pat have moved twenty times, lived in eight states and two foreign countries. They have been blessed with two children and three grand children. Their son Jeff is with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) and their daughter Katie is a college faculty academic advisor. Because of Jim’s career military assignments and many moves, Jim and Pat have attended a number of churches throughout the world, were they have tried to stay “below the radar” and behind the scenes. When nominated for Eldership at Mountain View, Jim knew that his “stealth” time could be coming to an end. He wondered what he had to offer? After all, Jim was aware of his imperfections and unaware of his talents. During vetting, the Elder Committee reminded him, that we all are sinners and that we all can do anything through Christ Jesus. He knew that the time had come to use what little talent he might have and share the experiences he had seen. The Father has given Jim a number of birthdays; placed him in positions that he has seen and learned from excellent leaders / managers and shown him different cultures all that are joined by the love of God.

After retiring from the Military, Jim was a television and radio producer / director for a national teleproduction company. Later, he managed a television production company that supported advertising agencies. From there Jim worked in media consulting then operating his own small media business. Jim came to faith in Christ as a young boy at a Methodist Church in Falls Church, VA. As a young boy, he has memories of putting on his “church clothes”, and going with his mom, dad and brother to church then going out for pancakes after service. They joined what was a plant church that met in a school until we all saved our dollars to get our own building. Jim remained a member of that church during all his travels in and out of the United States. After settling in Culpeper, Jim and Pat started going to Mountain View when it met at Culpeper High School. He now considers this as his Home Church. This group of followers love the Lord, strive to learn more, serve Him faithfully, and share His Love. He knows that now it is time for him to “step up to the plate” and give whatever the Father has given him for the service of our church.

Contact Jim at jdammons1@comcast.net