Marriage Is For Real People: For Better Or Worse

Pastor Mark Jenkins, Speaking

Maybe you’re in a blessed marriage. Perhaps you find yourself longing at times for a greater level of connection. Maybe you haven’t given much thought to how your relationship is trending, or maybe you’re not married at all. Perhaps you’re not interested in marriage. Whatever the case, these three weeks together will give us an inside look at three couples whose lives intersected at different times in human history but whose stories of trial and/or triumph can make a difference to us now or later and help us to speak more wisely into the lives of people we know.

Today’s Message: When men and women are inducted into the Hall of Fame in various sports, fans will often take a few minutes to watch the highlight films of their players’ careers. The highlight films display every moment of awe and wonder and edit out all the routine and repetitive, and certainly the failures. Marriage is more than a person’s highlight reel. Marriage is a union, as God defines it, made up of one woman and one man who are both very real people. Everyone loves the picture moments, but couples who enter marriage must learn that even when things are bad they must choose to respond to God’s dream with faith and obedience. Today, we’ll learn this through the lens of a very young couple we often talk about only at Christmas.



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