No Wonder He Was Crucified

Pastor Mark Jenkins, Speaking

No Wonder They Crucified Him: Jesus of Nazareth continually ranks, even among skeptics, as one of the world’s wisest teachers and most loving leaders. He is still making the covers of magazines and being talked about in coffee shops with a popularity like no other person who has walked this earth. So why did His contemporaries kill Him? What was it about what He said or did that was so provoking and upsetting that religious and secular leaders alike wanted to see Him dead? What was it about Jesus that could make the crowds that once followed Him finally turn upon Him—demanding His blood and cheering His pain? If Jesus was simply the “Gentle Genius” some portray Him to be, how could this have happened? The answers to these questions are laced within the fabric of God’s Word. Untying these laces will be our job and our joy. We will uncover One who was more than a philosopher. He was the Light of heaven hitting a darkened earth like a meteor blast. Jesus was not politically correct. He was not religiously pious. He was not socially tame. Jesus was a dangerous man because He was and is the God who is dangerously good. This is the One we are to know and emulate.

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