Cody Martin, Pastor of Worship

We would like to welcome Cody Martin to our MVCC family!  

He is currently under contract with Heartsong Worship Team and will join us in mid-August.  Read more about Cody below:

“When I was younger I remember waking up on Sunday morning and putting on my little suit and my clip-on tie to go to the church that my parents attended.  I always enjoyed going to church because of the people that were there, and I loved hearing the stories from the Bible.  A few years went by and my Dad started talking to Pastor Mark about Mountain View Community Church, and my parents made the decision to start going there.  I basically grew up in this church.  I remember going through the children’s ministry program at the time and learning about Christ and what He had done for me.  I was involved with the youth group, leading worship for them, and being one of the student leaders later in my high school career.  I began leading worship in the youth group because the worship leader at the time, Debbie Cordy, pushed me to get involved.  It was because of her that I learned how to play the guitar and use my voice for the Lord.  Another experience that helped me know that leading worship was what God was calling me to was my experience at LiFT Camp.  I was able to lead worship for the camp on Thursday night of that week and it was through that one experience that I knew that leading worship was what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life.

God had placed a passion in my heart to lead worship during my time in high school and I was privileged to attend Cedarville University and major in Worship Ministries.  Being at Cedarville taught me a lot about living a life of worship, which shaped the way that I would lead worship on the chapel stage.  During my time at Cedarville, I was able to be a part of the traveling worship team called HeartSong.  While on HeartSong, I grew as a leader and constantly learned more and more about being a servant and what it means to serve others.  I would not be where I am today if not for the guidance of mentors around me and the Lord’s grace in my life.  Like everyone, I am a sinner, but I have been saved by grace and I have a heart to worship the Lord with my whole life.  Not only do I have a passion to lead others in worship, but I also have a passion for missions and teaching others how to do worship ministry better both theologically and logistically.  Having graduated from Cedarville, the Lord has graciously placed me back here at MVCC for a season to be the Worship Pastor, and I could not be more excited to see the ways that He will use me!” – Cody

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