The Greatest Trial Ever Held

Series: The Jewish authorities wanted Jesus dead but didn’t have the legal authority to order an execution. The Romans couldn’t have cared less whether Jesus was popular or if he blasphemed the Jewish God; the Romans blasphemed the Jewish God all the time. Jesus, the Son of God was stuck in the middle of a battle of ideologies with little hope of release and no desire to escape. In this series, Resurrected King, we’ll take a look at Jesus last days on earth before He would suffer the shame of death on a criminal’s cross, and the eventual glory of a supernatural resurrection. It’s our desire that all who join us for this series will understand anew or for the first time why Jesus deserves the title King of Kings.

April 2nd: Blurb: Most people who believe in God believe that God loves them. Some believe that Jesus died for sins, but fewer are willing to accept the fact that Jesus would have died if they were the only person on earth. Jesus died for all sinners—and ALL means ALL. From those in the crowd who shouted for His crucifixion, to Pilate who condemned Him to death—ALL means ALL. It’s important at Easter to remember that no matter who we are or what we’ve done, Jesus took the fall…willingly (Matthew 27:11-26).



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