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The Making of a Pearl

25 September 2011 No Comment

Last week a sister in Christ handed me an article she had written. Considering the challenges many of us go through I thought it was appropriate to share with the Body. I hope you enjoy. –Pastor Mark

Making A Pearl
By: Melissa Handlowich

How do you talk positive in a negative world? I am learning how important words are. What we say is what we get. I’ve been talking to God about my word dilemma for months.

One day I heard someone say, “Don’t get FACT mixed up with TRUTH”. The Fact is I’m sick. The Truth is by his stripes I am healed. I’ve been asking the Lord for wisdom on how to say things. There’s a Scripture that says, she opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness. I’ve got the first part down real good, the second part I’m still working on.

The Bible tells us the Trials & Tribulations will come. So how do you say your sick or having a major crises without complaining, when the Bible says to rejoice in all things. My feelings and emotions may not always agree with this. So the Lord reminded me of the Scripture that says to guard your emotions. So I continued to pray and seek God on this matter. If it wasn’t doable God wouldn’t have told us to do it. But how! Then I came upon the Scripture, with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.

One day I heard a pastor talking about pearls and how they were made and how rare and expensive they are. The thing that makes the pearl begins with an irritation, a piece of sand that gets inside and just keeps irritating & irritating & irritating. What the process is on the inside I have no clue, but when it’s complete a beautiful pearl is the result.

On a pearl farm the irritant is sewn into the pearl because the natural thing to do is spit it out, so to speak.

God sees us, and wants us to be a beautiful pearl. He knows us so well, he knows the exact irritant that you need to get to where you need to be. So whatever or who ever has got you irritated, Rejoice! And it is possible when our eyes are on the maker of the pearl, as our mind is steadfast on Him, He changes us, like the pearl, from the inside out.

So when I’m going through an irritation and some one asks me how I’m doing. I try to smile & say, please pray for me, He’s making a pearl.


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