Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including the United States. It is estimated that human trafficking generates many billions of dollars of profit per year, second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable form of transnational crime.
- U.S. Department of Homeland Security -

What Is Mountain View Doing About It?

We are entering the fight against modern-day slavery on two fronts … locally and globally. We believe our church family has the potential to make an impact for prevention and freedom in our community and the world.

What we're doing on the community front

Each community is different and therefore may require a slightly different approach in the fight for freedom.

We recognize that each area of the fight against human trafficking feeds off the other. So to be effective in the fight to end it, all areas must be covered. Unfortunately, we cannot accomplish this right out of the gate, so we are launching Forever Free progressively as we develop our strategy.

Knowledge Builds Effective Strategy

We will begin by learning how our community is uniquely affected by trafficking, who is already in the fight against it and how, and where the gaps are. This will be done through a Community Assessment, evaluating every sector of our community to get this data.

Stephanie Minter is leading our fight on the local and national front. If you have questions or want to talk about our strategy, contact her at

Action Step #1:
Assemble a team of people with connections in the community to conduct a Community Assessment. This will be a massive undertaking because it evaluates every sector of the community and their involvement in the fight against human trafficking. We will find out exactly what our community needs to fight this injustice, who is already in that fight and to what extent and find out where the gaps and vulnerabilities are. We want to come in to fill those gaps, support those already in the work, and enhance existing efforts.

You can get involved by helping us make connections to leaders in each sector of our community, start the conversation and get the data we need for the Assessment. Even if all you can do is make an introduction, we need your help! So if you work in or have connections in the law enforcement, education, medical, legal/political, social services, transportation/hospitality, or business sectors and are willing to help you can become part of the solution!

Join the Community Assessment Team
Click HERE to join this team!

Action Step #2
We also want to learn how to be most effective in this fight and have boots on the ground. So, we are partnering with a ministry in Northern Virginia called the Human Trafficking Initiative. We will be joining them in their street outreach to illicit massage businesses, prayer ministry, and their mentoring program to survivors. To learn more about NOVA HTI and volunteer opportunities, click here.

Action Step #3
One of the key factors of exploitation is vulnerabilities. So, we want to work to prevent trafficking by supporting those in our communities that are considered vulnerable. Mountain View already has ministries like Pure at Heart, Restore, C.A.R.S., The King’s Table, Jail Ministry, and Student Ministry. We’ll also work through MVCC Kidz to help protect our children. You can learn more about these ministries on our website.

These ministries each offer practical resources and support to those most vulnerable to human trafficking. Prayerfully consider helping in these ministries as well. We may never know how offering practical help will eliminate the pathway for exploitation.

Action Step #4
Awareness is a cousin to knowledge. We will work to build awareness of modern-day slavery within our own core and for those in our community. When you think about how traffickers exploit various vulnerabilities, it is terrifying to think of how easily our own community can be affected, let alone the multitudes of people in the world who have already been victimized. A great first step in the learning process would be the Justice U Human Trafficking Awareness Course. This is part of a series of courses on the topic and is free by itself. It’s all online and provides valuable information for awareness. Click here to see the courses and/or to sign up!

Once we have the information from the Community Assessment and have gained knowledge and experience from our partnerships, we will tailor the plan for our community. The goal is to implement whatever initiatives and offer whatever support is needed in order to effectively fight human trafficking. As we make these plans, we will be using the Freedom Strategy from the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration & Justice to guide the process. This will help us make an accurate assessment and make sure every area and sector is covered and our efforts are not nullified.

Engage Together
Click HERE for their toolkits

Click HERE to learn about the project

What we're doing on the international front

In our effort to fight against human trafficking on an international level we will partner with Agape International Missions. AIM began a mission in 2005 in Cambodia to help girls who are being sold into modern-day slavery. Their mission has grown and has become well known in their community in Phnom Phen, the capital of Cambodia. AIM has recently expanded their mission work to Belize as well.

We’re organizing a short-term mission trip to Cambodia in November 2021. There will be more information about this trip announced soon. On this trip we’ll with AIM in their mission to defeat human trafficking in Cambodia.

We’re also exploring the possibility of taking short-term teams to Belize as well. If you have questions about either of these trips, contact Jeff at