Elementary Age Children

Every week, kids hear Biblical truth through creative and multi-sensory teaching techniques designed to engage every personality and learning style. Then they learn to connect that truth with their real lives, biggest struggles, and most pressing questions through practical application and honest discussion. Each week, kids aren’t just told what God says — they also learn to discover why it matters and what they should do about it.

Over the course of a year, kids and will also be challenged to regularly practice four key spiritual habits: spending time with God through personal spiritual disciplines, spending time with others through Christlike community, discovering and using their gifts to serve God and others, and sharing their stories of faith. Plus, they’ll be given practical tools and experiences to help them turn these habits into action.

Our campuses do have a slight grade difference in who Kidz View is open to. At Culpeper, it's for K-4th grades. At Orange, it's for K-5th grades.

Kidz View Times

Culpeper Campus


Orange Campus

5th Sundays

Every Fifth Sunday, Kindergarten through fourth grade worships alongside their family in the Worship Center!

Note: Classes for birth through preschool remain open on Fifth Sundays.

Kidz View Events

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Kidz View Unlimited

Offered at the Culpeper Campus to assist children with special needs. For more information, contact,

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