We’ve had the privilege of sharing in the ministries of numerous missionaries over the years. We are thankful that so many have obeyed God’s calling and gone into the mission field, whether it be here in the USA or somewhere else in the world. MVCC financially and prayerfully supports many missionaries right now. If you would like to give to one of them individually, please use the “GIVE NOW” option under their info below.

Claire Amico (RCE)

Claire is a Principle of a school with the ministry of Resourcing Christian Education (RCE).  RCE serves international Christian schools and education ministries in their mission of providing exceptional educational opportunities with a biblical foundation and Christian worldview.  Claire serves as the principle at The Amazima Staff Children’s School in Uganda.  The Amazima School is a classical Christ-centered secondary school that exists to equip students with the tools of learning to live fully for the glory of God.  They emphasize academic excellence, servant leadership, and nurturing relationships.

For more info, visit her blog HERE!

To contact Claire, email her at camico@amazima.org.

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Seth & Michelle Adkins (Converge)

Where in the world is Estonia? Look up next to the top left of Russia and you’ll find a tiny little Baltic country nestled in with Latvia and Lithuania to the south and Finland and the Baltic sea to the North/ North west. That little country, with it’s 1.2 million people, an affinity for folk music and ice cream, and the BBC label of most unreligious country in the world (2011) is where Seth and Michelle and their 4 children have been called to ministry.

Seth and Michelle were called to cross cultural ministry before they were first married over 11 years ago. They attended New Tribes Bible Institute intending to go to a people who had never had any opportunity to hear the gospel or have a Bible in their own language. The time at the Bible College was invaluable to them, but the Lord was slowly redirecting their steps from their original idea of missions. While going through the process of becoming Converge global workers, praying and seeking prayer and counsel from other believers and leadership, God made it abundantly clear that Seth and Michelle were to move their family into ministry in Estonia, a country considered unreached with less than 2% evangelical Christians.

After a survey trip to meet the team in Estonia, the church they would be partnering with while there, and to get an idea of what it would look like to do ministry as a family; the Adkins family were assured that despite any hardships that may come they could have peace knowing they are in God’s will for them among the Estonian people. They will move to Estonia by the end of 2023 to begin language learning, discipling, and ultimately church planting by partnering with the Estonian believers to reach the lost further south in the country.

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Dan & Stephanie Bantly (CIA)

Dan and Stephanie joined Christ in Action (CIA) in September of 2019 when they relocated from the Charleston, South Carolina area. Dan is originally from western Pennsylvania and Stephanie is from central New Jersey where they met in 1984.

The Bantly’s had a landscaping business

in South Carolina for the 9 years prior to joining CIA. Before that, Dan worked in various management positions for Costco Wholesale for 17 years. Stephanie’s past experience was primarily in administration. Dan’s skills with warehouse management, inventory, and receiving allow him to assist CIA with setting up and running daily operations in their new warehouse facility. Stephanie’s core responsibilities within the ministry center around administration and finance.

They had been praying for some time for ways to serve where God was already at work. This had been even more prominent in their hearts while contemplating the “empty nest” phase of their life they knew they were entering in 2019. Meeting the staff and serving with Christ in Action during disaster relief efforts in Conway, SC following hurricane Florence in 2018 was just the answer to prayer they were waiting for. There, they witnessed a group of people selflessly serving and loving others and providing hope in the midst of a disaster. Being the hands and feet of Christ is their passion and they are living this out through their mission work with Christ in Action.

Please support the Bantly’s as they serve with Christ in Action, bringing HOPE to America’s families.


Tim & Lindsey Butch (YL)

Tim and Lindsey have been called to minister to the youth in Wales with Young Life UK and establish a Young Life UK area that will be the launching pad for future Young Life UK missions in Wales.

They are passionate about sharing who Jesus is, what He has done for us, and how He is the foundation of our relationship. Tim and Lindsey want the youth in Wales to hear what Jesus has done for them and how much He values them. To that end, they want to meet them where they are and help them grow. Tim and Lindsey have a great desire to show the youth that Christ is so much more than just a statue in an old chapel or figure in a stained glass window, rather, He is real and wants a real relationship with them.

Wales has deep roots in Christianity and has experienced great revivals in its history. Today, only a small percentage of the youth have any meaningful contact with the church (some have said only 1 in 500 have). For the first time in the history of Wales, the 2021 census revealed that Christianity has fallen below 50% and, in the area of south Wales we are looking to minister to, has over 50% of the population identifying with no religion.

Both Tim and Lindsey are praying for an impact that will last for generations.

For more information, please visit https://cymru.ylinternational.org/

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Jeff & Susie Kesner (IBT)

Jeff & Susie are serving as full time missionaries connected with the Institute of Biblical Translation. The mission of the Institute of Biblical Translation is “to provide resources and support for the development of scripture accessibility and engagement.”  IBT is connected with and fulfills this mission through two organizations; Barclay College and Our Daily Bread.
At IBT we are engaged in creating educational curriculums for Biblical translation, literacy programs, pastor certification, etc., (Barclay College) and also discipleship curriculums and resources, (Our Daily Bread).
Our mission work is both international and here in the United States. Jeff is currently responsible for the development and distribution of a new discipleship program through Our Daily Bread called 4-D, Deep Dive into Discipleship Development.  He travels to countries all over Africa to present the program and then works here in the US where Susie joins him in the work of assembling the discipleship curriculums for each country or city visited.

If you would like to join us in this mission, working here in the United States assembling the discipleship curriculums, please connect with us. We are happy to have you join our team, whether through your prayers, as a financial supporter, or helping “hands on” do the work.

Contact Jeff: 1040unreached@gmail.com
Contact Susie: susiekes@aol.com



Jonatan and Natasha Nieto (ABWE)

Jonatan and Natasha Nieto’s call is to be missionaries in the jungles of Colombia, bordering with Brazil and Peru. We want to live in the strategic city of Leticia, Colombia, the capital of the Amazon. For over 12 years, Jonatan has been doing missionary work in this region and we feel the need to continue helping pastors and leaders in discipleship, training and evangelism in these remote areas.

Jonatan would also like to continue mission’s aviation that was started in the past by devoted missionaries and use it as a tool for the ministries that are in operation right now. Distances and means of transportation are difficult.

Natasha has a passion for women’s pregnancy care. She is getting certified as a doula and helps at a local birthing center as a birth assistant. She would love to one day be a midwife and open a crisis pregnancy center, assisting pregnant moms with bringing their babies into the world as well as counseling in all the areas that motherhood encompasses.

We are missionaries with Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) and are on pre-field ministries, working on full-time support raising to move to the field.

For more info, visit their site at http://amazonlifeproject.blogspot.com/.

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Ivan & Rachel Penafiel (YL Ecudador)

Ivan and Rachel’s vision is to make the gospel of Jesus known in Ecuador; to see kids transformed by the simplicity of the good news; by meeting kids where they are at, loving them and pouring into them with God’s unconditional love; to raise up and empower national and local leaders; to raise local support and involvement to take ownership of the ministry in their respective cities.

Ivan’s role is National Director for Young Life Ecuador.  Ivan spends much of his time meeting with people in the community (government leaders, church members, business owners, etc) to share the vision of Young Life and increase community involvement and awareness.  Ivan also travels throughout Ecuador to oversee, encourage, and train leaders who have the vision to reach teenagers in their city or town.

Rachel works with the Global Leaders (students who have been accepted into a scholarship program through Young Life), coordinates short-term mission trips, and the day-to-day administrative tasks.  Together we serve as mentors to leaders and walk with them through life, teaching and encouraging them.  Our hope is that more teenagers lives would be transformed by the gospel, disciples would be made, and more leaders would be trained to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through Young Life and begin the ministry in other areas of Ecuador”.

For more info, visit their blog at http://rachelsrhythm.blogspot.com/

To contact, email them at rhahn606@gmail.com.

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Trudy Stoltzfus (YWAM)

Trudy is a staff member in a non-profit organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) based in Maui, Hawaii! YWAM focuses on discipling young students in their walk with God through six month intervals (three months lecture phase and three months mission trip through Southeast Asia). She’s been involved with YWAM off and on throughout the past four years and knew God was putting it on her heart to go back for a longer period of time. Being a part of YWAM has been important to Trudy, because it was a huge tool used in growing her relationship with God. She wanted to continue to serve God and invest in others through YWAM, similar to the way others did for her. As a staff member, Trudy has different responsibilities, from helping the base run smoothly to discipling the students.

If you’re interested in learning more about Trudy or what she’s up to, email her at: trudy.stoltzfus@gmail.com.

Check out her latest newsletter HERE!

For more info, visit their webpage at https://www.ywammaui.org/.

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Chris & Bethany Zitzmann (CIA)

Chris & Bethany (along with their children) are full-time missionaries with Christ In Action.  Chris, (formerly Director of Information Technology) serves with CIA as the Director of Operations, some of his responsibilities have included: website maintenance, photography/videographer, and providing behind-the-scenes technical assistance to others of the CIA staff.

Bethany has been full time with CIA since 2001. Her responsibilities include:  administration, bookkeeping, facilitation and oversight of equipment set-up and maintenance, site coordination and onsite mobilization of volunteers on deployment. She is also a commissioned chaplain.

For more info, visit their webpage at www.chriszitzmann.com.

To contact Chris, email him at chris@chriszitzmann.com.

To contact Bethany, email her at info@christinaction.com.

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