Growing up, I enjoyed everything about church. The music, the people, the message, it was all amazing to me. I never really understood why it captured my heart, but what I learned at church always made more sense than what I learned in school. The older I got the more I realized that there was such an amazing truth in the words the pastor spoke and I still remember the day that I went forward with my older brother to receive salvation. At 5 years old, there was not much I understood about the world, but I knew all I needed to know about my God. His grace is enough to cover all my sins.

I continued to grow in my faith because of Mountain View Community Church. My parents were part of the first team that helped start the church back in 2003 and I loved every bit of it. As I continued to grow, I was involved in the youth band here at mountain view which is where I really started to realize what God created me for. Leading worship is one of the most amazing things because each time I am on stage I get a glimpse of what Heaven will be like one day. A place where people will sing the praises of God with one voice altogether. No matter where people have come from or have been, we can all come together to sing praises to God. Attending Cedarville University in Ohio is where I was able to hone my skills in leading worship and now that I am back here at Mountain View, my goal is to lead others in the praise of our God and help empower other worshippers while I am at it!