I’m the husband of an incredible woman named Tara who said “yes” to me and ministry and that’s a double blessing. We have three girls: Megan, Kayla, and Morgan. I grew up with all boys and now God wants me to discover how the other half lives.

I am a sinner saved by God’s amazing grace. I was educated by a godly set of parents, Culpeper County Public Schools, Longwood College, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Most importantly, I’ve been schooled in the classroom of life by a loving heavenly Father who knew I didn’t know anything despite the diplomas hanging on the wall, and yet chose me to be one of his children. Today I serve as a lead shepherd of one of Culpeper’s amazing local church families!


During the summer of 2021, I will experience a Sabbatical for the first time in my many years of ministry. Because Mountain View has yet to experience this in the history of this church, I’ve been working to answer your frequently asked questions. To download these, click HERE

I’m looking forward to this summer of rest and looking forward to being back with you in September!