Sonshine Fund

A Pat Ammons Legacy Scholarship

Close your eyes and picture the first warm summer day. Where the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Sit back and really try and feel the warm sun on your face. Try and envision the sun all around you. I’m not sure about you but it makes me feel so warm and happy. That’s the feeling I would have after being with our friend Mrs. Pat Ammons. Anytime I was with her I felt like I was engulfed in sunshine. She was able to make you feel so important and loved. She could really light up a room. She was always beaming with sunshine but not just the S U N kind of sunshine no, she was shining with the S O N shine. After being with her you knew you were just with the someone who loved Jesus.

How To Donate

You can make a donation today using our online giving platform (Church Center Giving). Click the button below to open a new tab, then select "Sonshine Fund" from the drop-down menu. Thank you for supporting the Sonshine Fund!